Subject Choices for Class XI Science/Commerce/Humanities Stream

Subjects Science Commerce Humanities
Subject 1 English English English
Subject 2 Physics Business Studies History
Subject 3 Chemistry Accountancy Political Science
Subject 4 Biology / Maths / Economics Economics Hindi / Sociology / Economics
Subject 5 Maths / Computer Science / Hindi / Psychology / Painting / Physical Education Maths / Hindi / Psychology / Physical Education / Painting Maths / Physical Education / Psychology /Painting
Subject 6 Painting / Fashion Studies / Information Technology / Artificial Intelligence / Financial Marketing Management Painting / Fashion Studies / Information Technology / Artificial Intelligence
Financial Marketing Management
Painting / Fashion Studies / Information Technology / Artificial Intelligence
Financial Marketing Management

Kindly Note:

1. Students who had opted for BASIC MATHEMATICS (241) are not eligible to opt for MATHEMATICS in any of the above streams.

2. Subject choices opted shall be tentative. Choice of subjects for CBSE registration will be finalised on the basis of the objective criterion to be set by CBSE for Class X.