The school after a conscious and planned curriculum has woven throughout the fabric of school life the four following core principles:

  • To develop children into Global Citizens
  • To promote universal values
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Forward thinking

The benchmark of a quality school is not only the ability but also the belief that each child is an individual and has the potential to be the best in some field or the other. Hence, all activities in JPS are developed, designed, implemented and evaluated based on this vital yardstick, making it both rewarding and challenging for students. We believe in recapitulation by giving homework to ascertain whether the students are capable of working independently with the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

Jaypee Public School is affiliated to CBSE Board, New Delhi. General syllabus, subjects and topics are as per CBSE guidelines and as prescribed in textbooks published by the NCERT. From Pre-primary to Class XII, the CBSE context is integrated with the inquiry and skills based system where a child learns by asking questions, forming opinions and drawing conclusions by constantly experimenting, finding logic and reasoning it out.

Admission Open ( 2023 - 24 )