Welcome to our Chemistry Lab, where scientific curiosity meets hands-on exploration! Equipped with cutting-edge instruments like Digital  pH meter, centrifugal machine,electric weighing balance, hot plate and safety measures, our lab offers a space where theoretical knowledge transforms into practical understanding.

Students engage in a variety of experiments, ranging from basic chemical reactions to advanced analytical techniques. The lab curriculum aligns with the latest educational standards, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Our dedicated team of experienced instructors guides students through experiments, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Safety is our top priority, and students are trained in proper laboratory procedures and protocol. From measuring precise quantities to observing intriguing chemical reactions, our Chemistry Lab offers a dynamic platform for hands-on learning.
At our Chemistry Lab, we foster a passion for discovery, encouraging students to explore the wonders of chemistry while laying the foundation for future scientific achievements.

Admission Open ( 2024 - 25 )