Early childhood years are formative years and are crucial for child’s cognitive, social, emotional & physical development. The school, apart from the family plays a vital role in child’s holistic development and thus we, at Jaypee Public School provide a warm, caring, secure, empathetic and enriching environment to the children. Child Guidance & Counseling Centre has been an integral part of the school. With its motto, “Every Child Counts”, it identifies, devises and delivers specialized individual & group guidance programs for at-risk students. It caters to diverse range of needs of students and provides empathetic environment to help them overcome their issues & enhance their personal-social development. Life skills are taught to students to enhance their interpersonal communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making & problem solving skills & explore their inherent potentials. The school is committed to cater to needs of special children & our inclusive classroom provides equal opportunity for them to explore their hidden potential.

Objectives of Child Guidance & Counselling Centre:

To empower students to become effective, constructive and responsible member of the society.
Provide social, emotional, academic, behavioural and psychological support to students and empower them to make appropriate decisions in life.
Provide opportunity to students to maximize their potentials and understand their skills & abilities so as to effectively choose their own career path and positively develop further.
Provide Career Guidance & Counselling at key transition points during secondary schooling.
Provide equal opportunity to children with special needs and focus on their holistic development.
Child Guidance and Counselling Centre cater to the following spheres:

Personal-Social Counselling

Individual counseling sessions are provided to students for their issues related to academics, social, emotional, psychological, behavioural & physical struggles. The aim of the session is to help the child overcome the problem and deal effectively with the environment.

If required, the school counselor/ special educator refer students to external agencies for further psychological assessment & support.

Group Counselling

For overall development of students, group counseling sessions are held for them on topics like stress management, anger management, peer pressure, enhancing EQ, SWOT analysis, good touch-bad touch, time management, examination anxiety, good habits, technology addiction, drug abuse & addiction and so on. Students also actively participate in various activities like role play, group discussion, extempore, quizzes etc. related to life skills for enhancing their skills & abilities.

Career Guidance & Counselling

JPS, Noida believes in enlightening students with various career options and hence provides career guidance & counselling at key transition points during secondary schooling. And for the same, various workshops & seminars are held by in-house resource (school counselor) and external agencies to disseminate information to students regarding various career options available to them.

Career explorations sessions are also organized for students where professional experts from various fields enlighten them regarding the best career options available. Workshops on “How to prepare, apply and Study abroad” are also held for students. The school counselor has also tied up with external agencies to provide career related material to students.

Special Education

Special educator devises specialized learning strategies for special children to deal with their needs & to avoid behavioral difficulties. CBSE exemptions are also provided to CSWN. They are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities like art & craft, painting, performing arts, role-plays, PEC activities etc. Special attention is given for enhancing their self-esteem & self-worth needs.

Liaise with Parents

JPS Noida strongly believes that overall development of the child can take place only when school and parents join hands and show the right path to the children and thus we liaise with parents for the same.

Orientation talks are conducted for parents to help them understand the school system. The School Counsellor & Special Educator also conducts sessions for parents to help them understand the age-appropriate needs of their wards and build a stronger parent-child relationship.

Workshops and Seminars

The Guidance & Counselling Centre provides various workshops & seminars for students, staff members & parents round the year to promote an environment that maximizes the social, emotional, behavioral, psychological and academic growth of our students.

The counselor also evaluates & provides sessions for support staff members of school.

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