“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”



To empower and promote active participation of the vulnerable and marginalized section of the society towards self- reliance and sustainable development through quality education in perfect coordination with the experienced faculty and student volunteers imparting knowledge and hands on experiences collaborating subject knowledge with art integration under STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to equip them with job ready skills.


To inculcate a healthy and socio-economically empowered society by providing equal opportunities for holistic development to live a life filled with vigour and vitality.

Aims & Objectives

In order to continue the education of the underprivileged children, Jaypee Public School, Noida came up with an innovative solution to provide education to under privileged students and its Class IV Employees.
This project aims to help the underprivileged section of the society. The program shall help students to develop them holistically by providing them not only academic support but also extracurricular activities.
JPS faculty has successfully conducted online sessions for these children in various academic as well as non-scholastic domain. In the academic domain, teachers have conducted sessions in various subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, Information Technology and Art & Craft.
By doing this we will certainly bring about a change in these children’s lives and help them to become a responsible and global citizen. We strongly believe that a small bit from each one of us can help these students and give them a better life and so JPS faculty enthusiastically supports this initiative.


  • In the academic domain, teachers conduct sessions in various subjects like Science & have covered topics such as photosynthesis, different food habits of animals, chemical and physical changes etc.
  • Mathematics students learn about real numbers, Euclid’s division algorithm etc English, students learn about understanding one’s weaknesses & strengths, integrated grammar, factual description and enhancing writing skills etc.
  • Technology classes, students acquire skills on how to use zoom, download apps from play store and use Pixton (Comic strips designing).
  • Social Sciences, students learn about their rights and responsibility of being a vigilant and responsible citizen.


  • In the non-scholastic domain, various sessions are conducted to enhance their mental health & well-being;
  • Art & craft classes, they learn how to do shadow sketching and to make & decorate paper bag with resources available at home; in dance class, different forms of dance are discussed.
  • A session on basics of communication was also conducted in English & Hindi and children were taught to introduce themselves.


Admission Open ( 2023 - 24 )