The school has created a welcoming environment by providing spacious infrastructure attractively landscaped. An area where students can be taken out by the teacher for story telling sessions, nature walk and also can be used for free play by children during break time.


The academic facilities are designed to include a wide range of interactive books on different subjects from the international publishers along with tapes and CDs, also equipped with networked computers linked to a filtered intranet service. Reference reading and research section would be an extended part of the library.

Laboratories, Art, Design & Technology Centre

A composite lab is equipped to high standards of safety and support the learning of science from an early age. Under the supervision of trained teachers and Lab technicians, experimentation is encouraged.

Information And Communication Technology (ICT)

Being an essential tool for learning an access to Information technology is encouraged in JPS. The installed internet connections, interactive white boards, audio-visual systems, and host of ICT hardware including support from JILIT in the form of Bhartividya Power Class enhances not only the quality but also the depth of learning for the students as also for the teaching and administrative staff of JPS. Parents and teachers have quarterly meetings to discuss the students' progress. They can also get their wards' report cards and progress details via internet.

The school website contributes in passing on information and interactive communication capabilities.

Class-rooms and other rooms

Although every class room has a capacity of 40 students but only 25 students to a class are catered to. Each class is equipped with display boards, writing boards, racks for students, custom made furniture and a provision for broadband internet connection. A well stocked Class Library is available in every class. Junior classes have a special ear marked area for story listening, telling and building. Kindergarten and primary classes also have variety of games, puzzles, and toys to explore and to play, riddle and Secondary School classes are equipped with teaching-aids in the class or in the laboratories.


Air-conditioned Buses are made available for the children. The children are accompanied by Driver, Helper, and a lady attendant. The school has decided the bus points and the same can be revised as per the necessary requirement as deem fit by the school authorities.

Admission Open ( 2023 - 24 )